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What can one do when the crate digging DJ scene casts its eye or some dark shadowy pleasure that exudes its own creepy glow? Well you grab the ball and you run with it, waving your freak flag high, reveling in the waves of sound just like DJ has done with his new Poptones comp Cherrystones Word.

A total celebration of all things fuzzy distorted and just not right, Stones Word unearthes buried treasures spanning the 70s and 80s, the known and the unknown, with the main theme being a twisted vision of a psychedelic ghetto.

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Naturally, when talk of a psychedelic ghetto comes up, George Brigman’s now benchmark ghetto vibe Jungle Rot has carved a deep niche and it’s not surprising that Cherrystones has included George’s followup 45 from 1977 “Blowin Smoke” on his new comp, as the propulsively funky rhythm provides a backdrop to some wicked guitar screech which is indeed Blowin Smoke!


Kudos to Mr Stones for not only snagging that great cut from the Bona Fide CD I Can Hear the Ants Dancin, but also asking tips on Professional music career permission for its use and giving proper credit! They deserve it, for unlike their fellow countryman Steven Carr of Fallout Records, they do value the artists they release and don’t rip them off!

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The band has a new album dropping this year [2015] which will probably be available for download via iTunes and similar sites like Spotify, Napster etc.

New Cassettes - Winterhead Review
Following up from their debut album, 'The Art of...', New Cassettes make a big step forward in the evolution of their sound in crafting the type of record that showcases exactly what makes them a band clearly ready to take off.

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